Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Hello Readers:

Unfortunately, I’m must address a situation, Id rather not… but here goes:

Liz said on her blog:
"Miranda has put out efforts in the past to do this on a few other blogs, but they did not give Gary's family the respect and decency they deserved. In Miranda's own words - "One site chose to bad mouth Gary, the man none of them knew about or wanted to learn about, then used the information as a stepping stone to bicker and lash out at one another"(guess where). Another site chose to just not want to hear it. I know that MY members will give this family the respect and dignity they deserve".

The first blog referenced by Liz, is certainly not ours. It has nothing to do with us.
The second blog she mentions (underlined), is ours.

I tried to address this matter directly on Liz’s blog first, but my comment was never posted.
I was the first to comment on her thread, in fact… but my comment was deleted.
So… I’ll address the matter here, because I’m forced to.

I did receive a copy of Bobby's letter, from an anonymous person, I’ll also call Miranda.
Miranda told me explicitly… DO NOT post the letter.
She wanted me to read the contents ONLY, and use the information I read… to convince my readers, that Gary was not a drug dealer. She explicitly told me, NOT to even quote an excerpt, from the letter. Quite a task huh? She wanted me to discuss the letter… while NOT discussing the letter.

After a few days of thought… I told Miranda, that Bobby wrote that letter to Hinman’s family specifically. Hinman’s family was the intended recipient… obviously not me, or my readers.
I didn’t want to touch this situation based on that. I wouldn’t like it, if I wrote a personal letter to my family, and it was discussed online by dozens of strangers.  Why should I treat Bobby that way?
Miranda told me in no uncertain terms… that she could care less what Bobby thought.
Hey… that’s understandable. No problem. But, I really didn’t want to walk this line of discussing the letter… but not quoting from it… not offending Bobby… and keeping Miranda anonymous. WTF? Would anyone?

As a solution… I invited Miranda, to come on our blog and share her story, letter, or whatever she was comfortable with... at any time. She had an open invitation. I was very polite. I figured, if she speaks for herself… she can reveal only what she wants… and I can’t say, or do, the wrong thing, towards her, or Bobby.

She registered under the name Molly67.  Now MIND YOU… she told me to treat her like ANY OTHER blogger! She wanted to remain 100% anonymous.

She made 4 posts on the Saturday, March 26 thread… the one with the video of Manson in the yellow shirt. BTW, she made a brief quote from her letter, in her second post (so you know I‘m not lying). I did everything in my power, to treat her like any other blogger, as not to blow her cover… as that’s what she wanted!

She made a second appearance on Tuesday, March 29, and left one comment, under the thread named “Court Tanscript - Hinman Case”. One of my bloggers, noted that Manson referenced a drug motive, in the transcript. Molly personalized it… and my blogger apologized immediately.  That was the extent of my blogs' interaction with Miranda

Bear in mind throughout all this, my bloggers never saw the entire letter, or knew who this person was from Adam!

I know Liz frequently makes veiled insults towards Cats. That’s not my business.
But, when she makes veiled insults towards me, or especially my bloggers, that’s my business.

Liz… please. Let’s not start down this road needlessly. Miranda may have told you to publish that entire letter. I was placed in a TOTALLY different scenario.
For the record. I was sent a photo of Ella-Jo Bailey, four days before Ella’s photo broke on Liz’s blog. The photo was NOT sent to me by Ella herself… so, I decided not to post it. That’s how I operate.

Liz… we obviously have two different mindsets on publishing… and that’s fine. 
What you publish is none of my business or concern… but please… publish what you must... and leave me, and my bloggers out of it.

Treat me and my bloggers respectfully, and I assure you… I’ll do the same in return.

Thanks… Lynyrd.
PS… I had no intention of blowing Miranda’s cover. But, she’s obviously talking behind my back, as if me, and my bloggers, failed her, and nothing could be further from the truth.
I bent over backwards, trying to accommodate Miranda‘s requests, without hurting anyone. She painted me completely into a corner. If she simply asked me to post her entire letter from the start… and identify her point-blank as a family member… she would have been received much better obviously. If I told my readers, she was legitimately a family member… they would have believed me no question. My word is good with everyone here. She didn’t allow me to do that.


LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...

To my readers:

I've set the blog to "comment moderation" for the time being.

Feel free to place comments as usual, and they'll be uploaded, after I review them.
Hopefully, this will be a very temporary situation.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

katie8753 said...

It's really late here and I'm only gonna comment briefly for now.

I've read thru the comments that Molly made on those 2 threads, and I can't find anything untoward about Gary. It was simply discussing the facts (and they are facts) that it was mentioned (1) Manson thought Gary had money and wanted Bobby to get it and (2) Bobby said he got burned on some bad drugs and wanted his money back.

Those are the facts of the case. No one can change them. It doesn't mean either of them are correct. They're simply reasons given for going to Gary's house.

Like everything else in this case, you have to sort thru the garbage, and yes, we would like to know the TRUTH, whether others would like it or not.

I'll comment more tomorrow.

Molly67 said...

I would like to address this
also. I never said anything bad
about your blog. Other than I
had a disagreement with a few
people about the motive and the
reason for it. And that I wouldn't
be posting anymore. The blog
I was talking about was the
So please don't blame Liz or me.
She was only trying to help me.
as For (DM) and his blog. No he
refused to listen to me when I
wrote him a letter about a year
ago about Gary. He states he always wants the truth, but
when its right in front of him
he just can't see it. Yes he has
made a mockery of Gary and his life as well as a few others. Yes
I am very angry with him. Lynyrd
you shouldn't of jumped to conclusions that we were talking
about you because we weren't.

Also I don't support Bobby or Bruce's release. But I was willing to accept a letter from them to hear what they had to say. So if
it seemed like that I apologize.

katie8753 said...

First of all, I'd like to applaud Lynyrd for his integrity and honesty for not having to stoop to sensationalism and exploitation in order to draw folks to this blog. Cudos to you Lynyrd.

Secondly, I'd like to thank Molly for her taking the time to comment, and hopefully defuse a potential confrontation.

Molly, I can guarantee you that no one meant to say anything bad about Gary. We were only discussing the potential "reasons" for something that there is no reason. When bad people do bad things to others, it's natural to try to make them seem "bad" to justify it.

I've never read anywhere, anytime, ever that Gary was a bad person. I personally have struggled with believing the drug dealer aspect of his life. I've always leaned toward the fact that Charlie thought Gary had money, he needed money, and sent Bobby there to get it. Period. I believe it was Ella Bailey who told Charlie that she thought Gary had money because he had a house. So much for her 3 seconds of fame.

I've also read comments that Gary was gay. Again, I never really considered that, seeing no evidence of it, and does it really matter anyway?

Gary did go out of his way to help the Family, taking Pooh Bear in for Mary when Child Protective Services was going to take him. Did Mary appreciate that? Obviously not.

Molly, I doubt sincerely that Bobby will ever get out. I do believe that he is truly sorry for what he did. But the question in my mind is, had he not been arrested, would he have killed again? I think he would have.

Molly I hope that none of my comments offended you. If so, I'm truly sorry. I hope to be able to talk to you again sometime.


A.C. Fisher-Aldag said...

Molly, I am sorry if this offends you, but both Bobby B. (in an interview) and Charles (in letters and on the phone to me) have said that Mr. Hinman sold bad drugs, which ended up in the hands of a motorcycle club. Gary Hinman was dealing marijuana, speed, and other substances. Some of the chemical / pharmacuetical ones were flawed. The people in question who'd bought the bad drugs desired their money back.

Unfortunately, sometimes otherwise good people get caught up in underworld activities that they neither understand nor are prepared to deal with, and I think this is what happened to both Gary and Bobby. An act they considered harmless, selling and using recreational drugs, turned into a dangerous problem, involving serious criminals.

Charles Manson has never, ever once lied to me about anything; why would he lie about this? He could've said that he was shaking Mr. Hinman down for money... but he didn't. It was clearly a bad drug deal. Once Mr. Hinman had been confronted, they feared he would go to the police... which is the real reason for his murder.

Instead of protesting me telling the truth about this event, why not use it as an opportunity to steer young people away from using drugs? It's a very complicated, dangerous activity, and using your relative as an example might deter some people from getting involved with drugs.

katie8753 said...

Hi AC. Good to hear from you.

I think it's common knowledge and agreeable that Gary was selling pot. Whether or not he was making mescaline is a matter of opinion. Maybe he was, maybe he wasn't. I really don't know. I haven't read that the police found a mesc lab in his house, but maybe I've missed something. Can you direct me there?

Charlie spent most of the summer of 1969 preparing to leave for the desert. This need was exacerbated by his fear of retaliation by the Black Panthers, and also due to the fact that his world was "coming down fast", like Helter Skelter.

In order to accomplish this move, he needed money. He thought Hinman had money. Whether it was an inheritance, or just because he thought Gary was loaded for some reason, he wanted his money. He wanted Hinman to join the family, and thereby he would just give it to them. When that didn't happen, he thought he would just take it.

I don't know Molly from Adam. She says she's a relative of Hinman's. Whether she is or not, she's obviously someone who cares about his memory and wants to set the record straight about him. I certainly can't blame her for that. I will do the same to preserve the memory of someone that was dear to me. I won't go into who that was, as I'm sure everyone is aware.

I have never talked to or written to Charlie or anyone else in the family. Nor will I ever. I have no desire to. I do know that everyone in the family has told every story several different ways, so it's hard to sort out what really happened.

AC, you're a smart lady. And a very good person. I've always liked you. But for you to sit and believe everything Charlie tells you is somewhat gullible. But I know you will defend him forever, and that's your choice.

This is just my opinion.

As Lynyrd says....Peace!

Unknown said...

for the record, that remark was not directed at your blog. it was directed at the "other blog".
you know who, not naming names.

Miranda never once mentioned you or your place. don't go getting paranoid on us now.

as for your deleted comment- i was not the moderator that night.
someone else was. that someone felt the comment was not something we wanted posted. the moderator saved it for us, just in case we did want to publish it. we felt it was inapropriate and did not post it.

you know how it goes, you have a blog now. you have the right to pick and choose what you post.

please don't go "shittykitty" on us by starting an un necessary war.

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...

Hello Molly.

Thanks for the apology.
I never meant you any harm.
I'm sure you know that.
I tried to be as polite (and honest) as absolutely possible, in all our off-blog communications.
I'm not in the business of hurting or insulting people... not you... not anyone.

I tried my absolute best, to walk the line of helping you, but not promising you more than I can deliver.
I did tell you upfront, that once you put yourself out there, the blog world collectively, is beyond my control... not everyone is nice.

Liz and Matt, are monitoring the comments left on your thread (on their site)... for that very reason.
They can't assure you that everyone will leave positive comments, any more than I can... without deleting some.
I'm sure they've deleted some already.
That's what I tried to be honest with you about upfront... which I was.

Having said that...
I've been told by You and Matt, that my blog was not the intended target of Liz's opening paragragh.
I believe you both.

I must say however, it's not much consolation, that Cats and Colonel were the intended targets.
If this is how we operate, how long will it be, before I'm the intended target?
It just doesn't speak well at all.

As I told Matt... insulting other blogs in a veiled manner (regardless of the intended) adds nothing positive to the content of the thread. It only invites problems. It serves no other purpose, than to hurt people.

A simple message form Liz, to keep things polite, and monitoring the comments left by bloggers, would have served the same purpose, without damaging others.

I don't see how that can't make sense to everyone.

Molly... bear in mind, at the end of the day, you're the one who contacted me.
I didn't go looking to hurt you, or involve myself in your business, in any way, shape or manner.
I did my absolute best, to "do right" by you... given the complex circumstances, and constraints you presented me with.

Take Care Molly.
I wish you the absolute best.
That's very sincerely, and from the heart.
I too apologize, if you feel I failed you in any manner at all.
It was never my intention.
My sympathies are ALWAYS with the victims!
I don't believe Gary was a major drug dealer.
I said twice on my blog...
"Gary by all accounts, was a decent, generous guy".
I said that twice... it's in black and white.
I have NOTHING negative to say about Gary... now, or ever.

Best Always Molly...


bobby said...

Molly, I think my cut & past with my own cooment is one of the ones that bothered you. Once again I apologise for offending you. I have no malice in my heart for any of the victims & and i will chose my words carefully when speaking of them. Thank you. BP

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...

Hello Liz,

Thanks for your response.
I’ve been told by You, Matt and Miranda, that your comment had nothing to do with me.
I believe you… and I’ll take your word as fact.

I assumed you were the evening moderator, and wondered why you didn’t shoot me an e-mail to explain things.
Also, since I had considerable dealings with Miranda, I assumed you were referring to me.
But, as I said, I’ll take your word as fact, that it was others you were referring to.

Your relationship with the other blog administrators, is beyond my knowledge… which is probably for the best.
I’m not sure why there’s so much bad blood… but, it’s not my business.
I’ll assume there’s two sides to every story.
As far as I’m concerned, this situation no longer concerns me, and it’s over.
Thanks Liz, for contacting me, regarding this matter.

I’m going to ask my bloggers to drop this matter.
Folks… it’s over.
We’ve got nothing to gain by feuding with anyone.
Please do not comment on this matter further.

Peace… Lynyrd

Anonymous said...

I just want to make one comment- I realize this comment section is closed. I typically read all the blogs but do not post. I have decided to post here as it seems like a nice group of folks and Lynrd, you are a class act. Thank you

katie8753 said...

Lynn, go to the next thread. You are most welcome. Any input you have is most anticipated!!!

We don't judge, we just listen and evalute!!

We learn from each other. I've learned from experience!!

Thanks for your input.

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...

Hello Lynn,

I apologize.
I didn't see your post down here.
I actually found your comment on the other thread first, a few hours ago.

Welcome to the blog.
Thank you very much for your kind words... they're much appreciated.

If I'm making folks feel comfortable to contribute here... than I must be doing something right.
Thanks again... very sincerely, Lynyrd.